Nicole Love - Soul Gratitude

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This is a podcast episode titled, Nicole Love - Soul Gratitude. The summary for this episode is: <p>In today's episode, Michelle is joined by her sister and fellow entrepreneur, Nicole Love. Nicole has had an incredible journey, and continues to seek ways to deepen her journey, connect with herself and others, and ultimately spread love. </p><p><br></p><p>We hear Michelle and Nicole share stories, lessons, and incredible experiences. This episode is definitely a special one!</p><p><br></p><p>Nicole Love is a Psychic, Intuitive Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Energy Healing Teacher. She loves to create sacred space for clients, and guide them into a deeper connection with their Divinity. She has been studying and practicing ‘energy medicine’ for over 25 years with mentors from around the world.</p><p><br></p><p>Nicole is a mother of two teenagers and has a background in Nursing, Midwifery, and Child Development.</p><p><br></p><p>Her website is and she collaborates with a friend on a podcast called Soul Reverence found on Anchor and Spotify.</p>
In this clip we hear Nicole embrace this side of herself that had always been open to energy✨
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In this clip we hear Nicole tell us about a period of massive growth during her 20s🌱
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In this clip, Nicole tells us about her decision to become a midwife, and then changing her decision because she realized the amount of pressure wasn't right for her at the time💪
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This clip is about Nicole's beginning as an energy healer❤️‍🩹
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What is energy healing? In this clip, Nicole tells us❤️
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This clip is Nicole's drop of wisdom for our listeners😘
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This clip highlights how important it is to find people to be around who love us for who we are😇
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Michelle Brandriss: We have a very special episode today, on From The Basement Up. I have Nicole Love, from Soul Gratitude. Speaking with me about better self love, and sharing how she created a life as an energy healer. Though Nicole does have several degrees, one of those being Nursing, she found that Western medicine left her feeling disconnected and unhappy. While attending universities and working in jobs for more traditional careers, Nicole was also taking meditation and alternative healing classes. After years of soul searching, and tapping into the source energy, or the place of love. Nicole took the step, to become a full- time energy healer and reader. She works with individuals every day, to help them hold space of love. Something that brings wholeness to them, and to the people in their lives. Nicole, welcome to From The Basement Up.

Nicole Love: Thank you. So happy to be here.

Michelle Brandriss: Did I do okay in that intro? Did I miss anything in that intro, that we need to let people know of right away?

Nicole Love: I think you did great. The only thing is it's deeper self love.

Michelle Brandriss: Okay, good. Deeper self love. Thank you. The feedback I've been getting from people, is they want to know more about the people that I'm speaking to. Almost like I guess a biography in a way. Not just about the career, and starting, and being an entrepreneur, but who you are. What makes you tick? This is cool, because I got to do it on this episode. Really, I know you very well. Nicole was my first roommate in life. You moved into my room, when I was eight years old and you were three. You are my sister. We shared a room until I was 16. Nicole has been with me through my life, and I am excited to have her speak with everybody today. She's been brave, and done a different type of career. It was some soul searching, and she just made it happen. She's great too. I just want to introduce her to you. Nicole, tell us a little bit about you.

Nicole Love: Okay. Well, first thank you so much. I love you, and so grateful for you.

Michelle Brandriss: Thank you. I love you too.

Nicole Love: Thank you. I'm going to start way back, and talk about when I was really small. Could see energy, and then saw an angel. That's what gave me the foundation, and the follow through for just knowing that there's something else out there in life. That that something else is what nourishes me. When I was little though, it wasn't anything that felt nourishing because it was strange. It looked like cartoons around. Little blobs going back and forth, in the entryway of the bedroom. They were colorful, and they almost looked... I don't know really how to describe it. Digitized in a way. What is that doing there? I have no idea why it's there. It would happen around falling asleep, or at nighttime. During the day... We've talked about this. Our house felt strange.

Michelle Brandriss: Oh, yeah. Our house was haunted. I can just say, and it was just you and I. No one else heard this stuff. That's what was so terrifying.

Nicole Love: Door and drawers closing, and things.

Michelle Brandriss: No one believed us.

Nicole Love: Running past the dining room, because that was the scariest room. Anyway, one night I walked into mom and dad's room. There was an angel sitting on the foot of the bed. It was actually on dad's feet. She looked honestly just like me, a little girl. I have a twin brother, and I was thinking, oh, maybe she's my twin. I was bored. I was just trying to figure it out. Since I wasn't scared, I was just thinking this is strange. She's just staring at me. We're not talking. I can't telepathically hear anything. I just know that I'm safe, but this feels weird. No one would wake up. My dad didn't wake up, but my mom usually wake up the second I walk in the room. I was shaking her, calling her, and she wouldn't wake up. Then I go in our sister's room, [ Lorren's 00:05:10] room. She wouldn't wake up, but I just crawl in bed with her. The next morning I wake up, and I remember everything, but I'm thinking that's so strange. I don't think I'm going to tell anyone, because I don't think anyone would believe me. I go around but this moment is so strong in me, that I probably a week or more later tell mom. Then she's like," Why didn't you tell me earlier?" I just shared with her that I felt strange. I didn't know what to think or feel about it. She said that same thing had happened to her, when she was around my age. It was a man and woman at the end of her own bed. Then that your sister Chelly, had seen angels too.

Michelle Brandriss: I'm Chelly, Michelle. This is not something I tell many people, but let's just tell everybody. My experience was a little bit different. I had a couple of brief encounters, probably around the same age. Maybe I was a little bit older, but five or six. My first one was rolling. I love the color yellow, and I had this really great yellow room. The sun would bounce off the pool, and it was just bright and happy. I rolled over one day, and I could feel this softness on my hand. I looked over and I didn't see anything. Then I looked up, and this little shimmer was like a little gown. Just flew through the ceiling. I'm like, that's interesting. It didn't freak me out. Then I don't know if it was the next night, or soon after, I woke up in the middle of the night. There was a circle of these figures floating above me. I think you were with me in the room at that time. There was a circle of figures floating above me. There was heads and gowns, and I could make out arms. I don't know if I could make out hands, or feet, or face features. It was almost like a glow. I don't want to say white, it was just a glow. Then they went over me. They were there for a while, and then they went into the room next to me. I was a scary cat. I was always scared. I was not scared at all. It was a very comforting feeling. I was happy they were there. I would get sad, because I never saw them again. I always wondered, why don't they come back. They never came back. It was interesting, because I started questioning myself. Did I really see those? Did that really happen? When you're talking about your experience and speaking to mom, I didn't believe you. I didn't. I remember going," No, you didn't. No way." Mom was like," Chelly, how can you say that? Think about it, think about your own experience." I had to think about it. Even then I was like, well, I don't know. It's just fascinating how we doubt ourselves. Even though we've seen it, we still doubt. I love that you never doubted yourself. You embraced it.

Nicole Love: Totally. It was powerful for me. Just that validation that we got from mom was so important. If she would've told me that's not true, or that you were definitely just dreaming all of that. Then maybe I would've turned it way off. I don't know. I'm really grateful to mom for believing.

Michelle Brandriss: I absolutely agree with that. As far as seeing this through childhood, did you talk about it with many people?

Nicole Love: Not a lot of people. Definitely not as in elementary school, it was more in high school. One friend in particular was taking psychology and she told me,"I talked to my psychology teacher, and he said that that's not true. That that doesn't happen." I'm like," what?" I was so mad. I'm like," You don't believe me?" One other time, and people I think thought I was really strange. I shut down talking about that side for a while.

Michelle Brandriss: Yes. It's hard. That's why I find it so interesting, fascinating. You're so brave to make a career out of it. That's what I'm so excited to talk to you about that today. Keep going. I want you to-

Nicole Love: What ended up bursting through, was that I went into depression. I was at Davis studying Human Development, with a focus on Child Development. Doing all the things I'm supposed to do, but life felt empty. I just did not understand what I was even doing. What did my existence even matter? I just didn't get it. I was taking a Native American Art Class, and the professor was talking about how his mom and sister could see energy. They would make artwork from that energy. That's where the native American people, their art would come from. This just sparked my childhood experiences. That sense of yes, this is the magic that I'm looking for basically. I went up to him after class, and I told him about my experience. He told me about a school called the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and they had satellite schools. There was one right next to me. It was like a half hour away. I started going honestly within the next couple weeks. I went to that school for over two years. Learning meditation, healing, and then training my clairvoyance how to see energy and do readings.

Michelle Brandriss: This is something I want everybody to know. My family, were more traditional. You go to college, you get a job. I think you were working in Santa Cruz. You were living in your van for a while?

Nicole Love: Bus.

Michelle Brandriss: Okay. She was living in a Volkswagen bus, which is so crosstalk.

Nicole Love: Soon after I graduated. I'm like, once I graduate I'm going to get a bus, and I'm going to move to Santa Cruz, and I'll take classes from there.

Michelle Brandriss: Which is so cool. What else are you going to do that in your life? You've got to do it in your early twenties. I just always remember going, gosh, good for her. But what is she going to do? That's one of those things. I'm sorry, keep going. I just had to add that in.

Nicole Love: Yeah. Honestly that living in my van, it was hard. It was a time of going deep into to myself. There's a term called unprogramming. It's basically pulling out all of the structures, that you were brought up with. All the shoulds basically, that society, and family, and community, whatever put into you. When you're pulling them out, you're getting a lot of backlash. From the structures that were put in the people, or the societal pressures basically. That was a tough time, but a massive growth period.

Michelle Brandriss: I did something similar to that, when I went back to Art school. That was just totally changing my life path, and just redoing it. It changed the way I thought, it changed the way I reacted. Actually I think it definitely put me on my path. I would not be the same person, had I not done that for those three years. Which is super strange. People are going to grad school. They're having families. They're having kids. I was like, nope. I'm going to Art school. I've got to do this. I love how you have given that a name.

Nicole Love: Unprogramming part?

Michelle Brandriss: Oh, I love it. It's great. It makes you just approach things so differently. You wouldn't have had the freedom to pursue what you're doing, had you not done that.

Nicole Love: It's true. The next point is when I start traveling, which is another form of deprogramming. That's unlearning stuff actually.

Michelle Brandriss: When you were traveling, you were traveling all over the world. You were going to see shamans and different healers.

Nicole Love: First, I worked on a cruise ship. I got to meet a lot of people from all around the world. I met a friend that lived in New Zealand, and so I went to go visit her. That's where I first learned Reiki. I was attuned there. That was another level of learning healing. Then I came back to the States. I stayed there for about a month. Worked and saved up some money, and then went to Brazil. I stayed there for a month with the shaman community. That was a whole other level of deprogramming for sure.

Michelle Brandriss: Okay. I want to hear, you have to share this. You have to share this level of deprogramming in Brazil.

Nicole Love: Oh my gosh. Okay. The community is called the Santo Daime. Daime means give me a Santo Saint. It's a combination of the ancient shamans of the forest combined with Christianity. The ayahuasca medicine that the shamans would make, became the sacrament that Jesus is in form of ayahuasca basically. When you go up and receive from the shaman, you say die me. Give me, and you ask for something. When you take in the sacrament, you're asking basically Jesus, as the sacrament to you give you something. It's basically healing, is what it is. Showing you your love also, and a whole bunch of other sources of love to hold onto. It was beautiful, because it was extremely sacred. The container was so tight, and that's what made it safe to do. When you take these or work with these medicines, it expands you in a really big way, and makes you vulnerable to energies. Some people who do work with these medicines, maybe are not a safe container. They can get entities attached to them, and things like that. These are not recreational experiences.

Michelle Brandriss: Yes. Okay. Don't try this at home.

Nicole Love: Don't try this at home. Definitely. Unless you're with the trained shaman. The Santo Daime, they've got the Star of David at the center. With the [Jaggubhi 00:16: 56 ] vine, which is the masculine part of the plant. Then the [hyenia 00:16: 59 ] bush, which is the feminine part of the plant. At the center, it's the altar where the Padrinho and the Madrinha sit. Then a masculine and feminine musician sit to lead everybody. When you walk in, the men walk in on the right, the women walk in on the left. It's split up with men on one side, and women on the other side. The Star of David, represents the communion of the masculine and feminine. For me, I've always felt that communion of the masculine and feminine. I knew I had that energy of the divine masculine in me, and the energy of the divine feminine in me. I have a twin brother, I could really feel that. That was a beautiful teaching for me. The part of me wanted to be like, I can go sit with the men.

Michelle Brandriss: I get their vibe.

Nicole Love: Exactly. Anyway, integrating the masculine and feminine, has been a big lesson and teaching for me, the past 20 years for sure.

Michelle Brandriss: You're so lucky that you have that part of you. I don't think I really understood men, until I had a son. I didn't realize how sensitive, and loving. I did not get it until I had a little boy, and I'm so thankful I have a boy. He can show me all of that, and has taught me so much. You're lucky that you had that from our brother. I didn't get that part from him, so good that you did. Nicole, as far as moving through, I know that you ended up going back to nursing school. What made you move into nursing school, from these exotic adventures that you were doing?

Nicole Love: Yeah. Before I hopped on the cruise ship, I stayed with our sister Lorren, who was about to give birth to Emily. Who is your co- host often.

Michelle Brandriss: Yes. Everyone knows Emily. Actually, hold on. You'll hear her soon.

Nicole Love: I love that. I happened to be there for her birth, and it was such a beautiful experience. I could feel her divinity coming in. I could see her light coming in. I was feeling later after all these experiences, that I really want to be in a career where I'm connected to the spirit. Birthing right there, you're connected to the spirit. Thank you Emily for showing me that, and thank you Lorren for showing me that. I ended up deciding I wanted to be a nurse midwife, because I figured it would be easier having a family with a schedule, and that type of thing. Rather than a lay midwife. I did study with lay midwives though, because I really like their philosophy. I like the more natural ways of being with the body. Then part of me had this big ego, about bringing in spirit to the hospital.

Michelle Brandriss: How did that go?

Nicole Love: That crushed me. I'm not able to hold that in the hospital. I basically have to shut that down, and become more like a robot. It's such a fast paced and high stress, that I'm not able to integrate it. I'm really sensitive. Part of me takes on too much, and then my brain shuts down. That's why I have to become a robot. For me, I just want to give so much gratitude, to all of the nurses that are able to do that. To hold that space. To have their intelligence, and their heart flowing at the same time. Thank you so much, because that's a true gift.

Michelle Brandriss: Absolutely. I've experienced those nurses and had them. It changes your whole experience, and you heal faster. When you have these loving people around you. You had this experience, you went on a cruise. A long cruise and then you came back, and went back to Nursing school.

Nicole Love: Oh, that's so funny. Yes. I also got married during nursing school. At the end of nursing school, I had my first child. Actually I graduated nursing school, I passed my boards, and a month later had Micah.

Michelle Brandriss: Okay. Awesome. Super stressful to be doing the board, when you're that pregnant.

Nicole Love: It was crazy. He was kicking me as I'm answering the questions. It was wild.

Michelle Brandriss: Maybe that's why he's so good at science.

Nicole Love: Yeah. Once he was born, because it was precarious. I was lucky to be alive. He was lucky to be alive. Grateful for Western medicine that I could go to a hospital, and that type of thing. I want to say, grateful for the fact that it was a natural birth for me. I really wanted that. That I could feel what birth was for me. Energetically, the cervix dilating. Then my crown chakra dilating, so that I could feel his whole spirit coming through me, birthing through me. I could feel how magical it is to be a woman. For our wombs, that they are portals of actually bringing spirit into form. That we don't have to be moms to use that. We don't have to even create children to use that. That we always just by having a womb, or if you've had a hysteric need, just the energetic of having a womb is still there. That it holds the magic of bringing spirit into form. That we can manifest our gifts. Manifest our dreams, just through this portal that we have naturally inside of us.

Michelle Brandriss: One thing, thank you for mentioning that. You've worked with me, and I'm letting a lot of personal things come out in this episode. Obviously it's my close sibling. I had endometriosis. Nicole, you were the one that saw it, and was like, what are you doing? Get to the doctor. I don't know what it is. And I did. I was living with pain for a very long time. Finally, went into the doctor, and everything had to come out. I had gone to the doctor many times, and no one had diagnosed it. Finally, it was not cancer, so very lucky. Endometriosis is a very difficult disease. Everything had to come out. I remember going through pain, just sadness. You've lost part of yourself, and you helped me through that, and worked with me through that. So thank you. You have not lost your creativity. You still have that. It's still you. Your body still knows how to do it. I love that you tapped into that, because I know that there's women out there that have gone through that, or may not have been able to have a baby. It's just so important for women to know, that you can manifest things and you can make things happen.

Nicole Love: Yes. And that we're not worthless or useless, because we don't have a baby or make children. Our wombs, whether they're still in our bodies or not, have created us as wom en. It's not what I like to think of us. Instead of women, wom en, and that's the beauty of us. For so long, it's been made to make us irrational. Our hormones and all of that. Or dirty because of the blood, and all of that. But really it's a blessing. It's a huge gift that we have, to have this actual portal of bringing spirit into form.

Michelle Brandriss: Yes. Thank you for putting that into words. I did want to ask you. Was after having Micah, and bringing Micah into the world. How did your career path change or alter?

Nicole Love: Yeah. Instantly when he was born, right when he came on my chest. I was like, oh, I'm done.

Michelle Brandriss: Done with what?

Nicole Love: Done with nursing. There's no way I'm going to do nursing. That's how I felt.

Michelle Brandriss: Was it the trauma of what you had gone through, because I know you had a difficult birthing process?

Nicole Love: It could have been. Also, part of the reason why maybe I was so into this midwife path and that type of thing, was because in other lifetimes I had died in childbirth. Maybe I just really needed to learn about it too. Once he came through, I survived. He survived and now I'm done.

Michelle Brandriss: Okay. What did you do next?

Nicole Love: Basically, all I wanted to do was be a mom. Luckily I was able to do that. It wasn't good on the marriage.

Michelle Brandriss: You were good. Hold on.

Nicole Love: I was really good. Thank you. I was a really good mom. That's was a huge healing process for me. Putting all of my love, the unconditional love, and loving my children ended up being really healing for me.

Michelle Brandriss: Good. I think that when you look at marriage, and you see some things don't work out. But look at these two beautiful beings, that have come into this world. The two of you work hard together to keep them happy, and keep love there for everyone. I have to say, I have always admired that. That you are always doing your best, to constantly make sure that it is steady ground for those children to keep walking forward.

Nicole Love: Yeah. That's the best. During the marriage, and then since divorce. Yes. Keep that steady ground.

Michelle Brandriss: Yes. Everyone moving forward, and knowing that they're loved and supported.

Nicole Love: Yes.

Michelle Brandriss: You didn't find the Nursing career that you wanted to do. How did you know, I'm going to step into energy healing, and I'm going to do this full time? One thing I do want you to also explain to, what is energy for people who might be new to this?

Nicole Love: Well, I'm going to backtrack a little bit. And just say that I did do some nursing as my children and got older, and I really gave it my all. It's not for me. Maybe someday something will unfold with a balance of who I am, and can bring it to Western medicine. We'll see. With my career as an energy worker, it started when I saw my marriage dissolving. I gave it a certain amount of time, for things to hopefully turn around. In that time I'm like, I just have to make myself happy. This is ridiculous. What's going to make me happy? Do what I love to do, and that's energy healing. I started doing in person treatment at a local healing place. Where I rented a room, and had a whole bunch of new community, new friends that I got to meet. Start to grow myself in a whole other way, and it felt so good. There's that, and that you started calling me a lot.

Michelle Brandriss: As you start seeing these people that you're close to, and you're recognizing... You watch your friends evolve, you watch family members evolve. Just seeing that you sense things, you see things. I needed help, why aren't I calling you? More and more we were talking, and I was like, you are spot on. You are on this. Time and time again, you kept getting validated. You know what I mean? This is real. You set me on this path, and this really happened, and you were right time and time again.

Nicole Love: Yeah. Thank you. Michelle definitely has been my biggest supporter in all of this. Thank you so much.

Michelle Brandriss: You're great at it.

Nicole Love: Thank you. We're going to talk about energy... I have a big barky dog.

Michelle Brandriss: inaudible used to you. Is she wanting to come in, is that what's going on?

Nicole Love: No, she's just a protector. She's a big protector.

Michelle Brandriss: Okay, good.

Nicole Love: Okay. Energy healing for all of us, we know that everything is energy. If we just tap into everything as energy, then we can start to work with it. What I like to do is connect with people's divinity, their unique frequency of love. That's what I feel like is the most healing for each of us, is our own taught self basically. What we've created ourself with. I feel like this ease or pain, is where things have obstructed that flow in us, that it just doesn't belong in us. Looking for ways of how to release that, and bring in more of your love.

Michelle Brandriss: One thing I wanted to ask was, when you're talking to someone. You do a lot of zoom calls, and you meet with people on zoom. How far ahead do you prep? How do you do that? How do you make sure that you're ready for those meetings?

Nicole Love: Before each meeting, I'll sit in meditation. Definitely get myself all centered, grounded, connected. Then I'll create a sacred space. Then I'll start to just tap in a little bit, and wonder what's happening. But honestly usually when I'm meditating, I start clearing things that end up happening with their session. Oh, yeah. That's why that was happening, because it's happening with them. That's happen almost every time. It's really cool. I guess that's how I prepare.

Michelle Brandriss: With soul gratitude, people go in. You have classes for people, I've taken classes and I love them. One of the things I did want to also talk about was, the deeper self love for women. Just have you, not a pep talk. Just for women, what would you suggest that we do at a minimum every single day?

Nicole Love: Okay. In that deeper self love class, the very first thing that I talk about is creating space for yourself. As women and mothers especially, we are taught to just give to everybody else except for ourselves. We all know and have heard about fill up your cup first, but often we don't practice that. It's really coming into that practice. That can be just five minutes in the morning, and that's setting your alarm just five minutes earlier. I have just a cushion next to my bed, basically in a little table. Where I light a candle, and have some other things like pictures of my children, and that type of thing on there. I come and I sit, take some breaths to bring myself back into myself. That breath of life is so true. Then that awareness of my heart, just listening to the rhythm of my heart. Then going into that warm love, glow feeling of my heart. Then going into that inner wisdom. That inner communication, and asking my heart what it needs. Then following through with giving my heart what it needs. Honestly it's usually love. Is pretty much always what it wants. With clear voyance, a lot of it is imagination. Just trusting that that imagination is actually real. Our thoughts are energy, and so it becomes real like that. If my heart asks for more love, then maybe I'll give it. A bouquet of roses or something like that. Or just tell it, I love you. That type of thing. Then you can feel what the change after that.

Michelle Brandriss: I'm fiery. I have a bigger temper than you do, oftentimes you'll say just calm down. In order to feel the positivity, in order to think clearly, in order to feel the love. Just you need to let go of the anger, or the frustration, or whatever it may be. That's something that you've taught me as well, through the classes. When I'm feeling that level, how to just sit back and let it go. Just being so much more productive in life, when you're able to do that.

Nicole Love: Yeah. It takes time. It takes that time of at least a couple minutes to just breathe. Heal your heart, feel yourself, because our emotions can take over. It's coming back to center, is what that is. In your heart center.

Michelle Brandriss: Especially in today's day and age, and just even being at the grocery store. I was at actually at the pharmacy, and someone cut in line. There were three people behind me, and just how everyone was up in arms so easily. Everyone's just feeling so agitated, so it's so important that we do this. I remember just feeling everybody around me getting really angry, really fast. At this one person who decided he was more important than everyone else. I found it funny in a way, just this guy being this way. I also was like, wow, we're all on edge.

Nicole Love: Yes. I love that. Just that witnessing yourself, and finding it funny. Honestly that's how we can really clear energy. That humor is just like, Ugh, you silly man. You think you are so much better, that's okay. Maybe he's having a really hard day. I get you, I understand. Then come back to center.

Michelle Brandriss: Yes. Well, that's true. People started yelling at each other, and I was like, I got to get out of here. It's tough in today's age. I feel like it's worse now, than it's ever been. That's why this is so important, for people to carry with them. Being in that place for your kids, for your children.

Nicole Love: Yes. It's harder for children these days too. The more anchored we can be in, especially in our heart center, the more we can model that for them. Also, the more love we can hold for them.

Michelle Brandriss: Absolutely. That's a great kernel of wisdom to give everybody. I would love to know, as far as a few other things on the website. What are some other things that you... You do classes? You do some healing work for people long distance, and then inside? I want to talk about your women's circle, because I'm jealous. I don't have a women's circle. I want to hear about your women's circle, and you live in an awesome community where you have this. If you don't mind talking about it, we all need to do this ladies. We need to start our own women's circle.

Nicole Love: You do. I've got an online women's circle right now that we... last month we connected with Guanyin, who's the Buddhist goddess of compassion. We connected with her energy. These women's circles, we go through and we heal our lineages. We asked her to come in, and help us with that. Next month is going to be Mother Mary, and her coming in and giving us a healing. We'll go through lineages, and receive a healing that way too. In this workshop that is a woman's circle, in person that I'm doing right now, is working with our voices and our wombs. Those two places are our places of creation. They're also places especially in women that have been invalidated, and we're not allowed to speak. Our wombs like I talked about before, have been oppressed. We've just been oppressed. When we can wake up the energy of the power of our womb, that helps us wake up our voices, and the power of our voice. When we're in our voice, that helps us come into our divine truth. It helps us manifest, and create our lives.

Michelle Brandriss: One thing I did want to point out, and you and I have talked about this. Finding people who make you be the best version of yourself. Making sure that if you're investing your time, with friends or a women's circle, a book club. We used to have sewing circles way back when. Just making sure that you're finding those people, who are there in love and want to support you in love. You're so lucky, because I feel like you keep finding this fabulous women. I'm jealous because I live across the country, and I can't join you. A lot of times you do awesome things on solstices, and I'm so far away. That is something I have found, as I've gotten older to let go. It can be even a boyfriend, or friends that just don't serve you well. They don't. Who are you when you're with them? How angry are you when you're with them? How hurt? I think that's something as women, we need to really take a look at. How does this person make you feel? You don't need to spend your time with them.

Nicole Love: Yes. I love that. That's more of that in our listening. Sometimes like you said, we just power through things. Oh it was just dah, dah, dah, such a bad day. We give excuses to people, and really we need to just honor ourselves. As far as women's circles, I feel like they're beautiful, because you're creating a sacred container. Which then helps us elevate, so that we're able to honor one another more. Support one another more, rather than being in that competition place.

Michelle Brandriss: Yes. We need to move away from the competition place. We are in this together. Nicole, I wanted to ask, is there anything... I want you to end on a quote, or a favorite person that you want to talk about. Is there anything else that you wanted to say, before we get to that point?

Nicole Love: I don't think so.

Michelle Brandriss: Okay. As far as a favorite quote, or saying, or something that you like. Those words that you live by, or someone that you like to read. I would love for you to share that.

Nicole Love: Yeah. I've been listening to books on audible, because for some reason I'm not able to read. It just makes me fall asleep lately.

Michelle Brandriss: Me too.

Nicole Love: Thich Nhat Hanh, is a Buddhist monk who passed recently. He's written many books, and he's so beautiful. A little quote from him is, walk like your feet are kissing the earth.

Michelle Brandriss: Just so everyone knows, we're actually recording this on Earth Day. I love that quote. That's a beautiful quote. Do you have that hanging in your house?

Nicole Love: No, I don't.

Michelle Brandriss: I think that's something that we're going to find. I love that. That's a beautiful quote.

Nicole Love: Yeah. I just love it so much, because it speaks to how we can be present in our lives, in that loving sourceful way. With every step that we take, every action that we make.

Michelle Brandriss: Being present. Something I have to fight for all the time. I tend to be the person who's torturing myself about something in my past, or looking to the future. Being present has been my struggle. You and I have talked about that as well, and it makes a huge difference.

Nicole Love: It does. That's that coming to center. It's an again, and again, and again. If we can do that every morning, it starts the day off of coming into your heart, and feeling that love. You can come back at lunchtime. Oh yeah, my heart. Then you can just keep doing it more and more often.

Michelle Brandriss: Nicole Love, from Soul Gratitude, and my amazing sister. Thank you so much for joining us today on From The Basement Up. It was so great to have you here.

Nicole Love: Thank you so much. I love being here, and I love you so much.

Michelle Brandriss: I love you too. I'll talk to you soon.

: Thank you so much for joining us today, on From The Basement Up. Please be sure to check namebubbles. com, or our blog on the podcast. All of the show notes, resources, and links for our guests every Thursday. Please be sure to leave us a five star review, wherever you get your podcast. See you next week, and thank you.

Michelle Brandriss: Let's get to the crazy stuff. Come on.

: Haha it totally is.


In today's episode, Michelle is joined by her sister and fellow entrepreneur, Nicole Love. Nicole has had an incredible journey and continues to seek ways to deepen her journey, connect with herself and others, and ultimately spread love. We hear Michelle and Nicole share stories, lessons, and incredible experiences. This episode is definitely a special one!

The two women dive into topics from the supernatural to the super-funny. It’s an interesting episode that gives insight into the two incredible journeys of two sisters, both so in sync yet so different! 

Nicole Love is a Psychic, Intuitive Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Energy Healing Teacher. She loves to create sacred space for clients, and guide them into a deeper connection with their Divinity. She has been studying and practicing ‘energy medicine’ for over 25 years with mentors from around the world. Nicole is a mother of two teenagers and has a background in Nursing, Midwifery, and Child Development. 

You can find out more about Nicole and what she does on her website. You can also check out her podcast called Soul Reverence found on Anchor and Spotify. Nicole says, “this healing gift of connecting with Source and Oneness has definitely taken time to cultivate. I needed to find the tools that would help me navigate all the overwhelming information I was receiving. My energetic systems were patterned to receive information from everywhere, and it was too much for me. At some point, I absorbed every one's pain and attracted all kinds of unwanted energies. Through meditation and energetic healing tools, I learned how to clear my energy systems. I also learned to control my patterns of desiring to heal everything I came into contact with, and most importantly, how to replenish my energetic systems. Now, I go straight to the Source of Love - the Source of Creation to meditate with and heal with."

Join us on this episode of From the Basement Up and dive deeper into what makes Michelle Brandriss who she is today! Thank you for joining us, Nicole. 

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