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This is a podcast episode titled, Trailer. The summary for this episode is:

Speaker 1: Okay. How's that?

Michelle Brandriss: Good.

Speaker 1: Good. Good. Okay. Ready?

Michelle Brandriss: So welcome to From the Basement Up. I am Michelle Brandriss, founder and president of NameBubbles. com. And I started this podcast with my niece, Emily Flanagan.

Emily Flanagan: Hi.

Michelle Brandriss: And actually I had Emily help me out with this. This was our passion project. I told her I really wanted to start interviewing people and working with people who have started a business or a nonprofit, really to see what their journey was and to share their journey and hopefully to inspire other people to do the same. The entire process every morning with the Sharpies and the masking tape, washing out his baby bottles, making sure everything was clean and the masking tape and the Sharpies were falling off. So I was looking around to what other moms were doing, and they were ordering labels from a label supplier out of Australia and out of Canada. And I looked and I'm like," Wow, that's kind of cool." And I had a lot of things embroidered with my son's name. I was one of those moms that loved doing that. And I just loved the label. So I started ordering and then I started thinking, well, there was kind of like a Renaissance going on at the time of these new baby products in the baby market. And I just decided I needed to try this out and make labels. And that was really the start of it. My husband thought I was crazy. He's like," What are you talking about?" So when you have a decent job, a good job with a good salary and suddenly you're like," Honey, I'm going to quit my job and start a label business." He just thought I was just not all there. And I explained to him that I'm like," I know moms will want this. I can find it. I can do it better and I can make them more stylish." Okay, good question. I haven't started advertising for either one of those divisions, so not yet. They'll pick up more, which is exciting.

Emily Flanagan: They are printing for them though.

Michelle Brandriss: They are printing. That is called... it's just organic. That it's been a joy and thank you to the listeners. And we will be back with some great business owners out there and people making a difference in their community. So thank you so much and have a wonderful day.